Ways to Use Storefront Glass to Make a Statement

Ways to Use Storefront Glass to Make a Statement

Your storefront glass is part of your business’s first impression to new customers in the Los Angeles area. Choosing the right glass storefront in LA can draw new customers in and offers the opportunity to brand your business to meet your unique needs.

Custom Opening Designs

A skilled storefront glass shop can help you design a custom opening for your store. The custom option allows you to use glass in unique ways to modify your store opening into something stunning and eye-catching.

You can still use the most secure storefront glass in Los Angeles with a custom opening design. However, changing your opening allows you to develop different displays, funnel customers where you want, and generally turn your space into your vision.

Branding Through Accessories and Framework

The exterior of your shop or office makes a statement as much as the interior does. With glass storefronts in LA, you can adjust your storefront’s accessories and other pieces to dovetail into your overall brand for a more cohesive look.

For example, a professional glass company can install your storefront glass or entrance to a commercial space with door pulls and glass holders in a specific color. This example lets you use something most people do not notice to add another branded element.

Letting Your Interior Shine

Commercial storefront glass in Los Angeles offers many opportunities to showcase your store interior as part of your curb appeal. The right glass storefronts in LA entice the eye and help intrigue your customers into walking through the door.

Whether you’re running an office, a chain store, or a boutique, the items you sell are a draw for your business. The right commercial glass does this and does not require you to invest more than you already need to change your commercial exterior.

Use as a Modern Element

Glass tends to signal modern style in the perception of consumers. Since everyone wants to be presented as modern, trendy, and transparent, the way your commercial glass storefront looks on your storefront in Orange County can have a significant impact.

By choosing a professional glass storefront installer in Los Angeles with experience, you can achieve the modern element without overpowering your other branding. You may be surprised how big of a difference it makes.

Selective Tinting

Tinting is critical for glass storefronts in LA. It protects merchandise and preserves your commercial interior from the effects of UV radiation in sunny Los Angeles. There are many different options for tinting to meet your needs, and you can use them as part of your first impression.

Traditional tinting limits what people can see through your storefront glass. However, new options for commercial glass mean you can have the protection without the visual issue and can even mix tints for a unique look.

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